Drawing upon national models, the Healthy Campus Coalition will facilitate building a culture of health at OSU that ensures all members of the OSU community have a fair and just opportunity for health that will enable them to reach their full potential and thrive. As the bedrock of both student and employee success, the HCC will embed health within all aspects of OSU, achieving a key component of Strategic Plan 4.0.

The HCC will mobilize, align and direct cross-sector teams in advancing health equity and holistic health and well-being for all members of the OSU community. The HCC has convened campus stakeholders to establish a common agenda and begin creating an evidence-informed strategic plan, to include comprehensive communication and assessment plans

Healthy Campus Coalition Charge:
  1. Explore opportunities for cross-divisional partnerships related to the intersection of student success and community well-being, including mental health promotion, public health, academic and health education interventions.
  2. Support and align the broader health, wellness and mental health promotion efforts across the institution, to include multiple student, faculty and staff support areas.
Mission-Vision of the HCC:

OSU’s Healthy Campus Coalition will advance a common agenda to make OSU the healthiest campus in the Northwest to live, work and learn. The HCC will advance a holistic approach to create and sustain a culture of health and well-being at OSU, institutionalizing and continuously improving all aspects of health: physical, psychological, social, academic, professional, financial, community and cultural.