Beginning in childhood and building cumulatively throughout your life, your social relationships can affect your health in both positive and negative ways. For example, those with strong social ties are often less likely to experience depression or other health problems.


Culture also has a great impact on our health. It affects how we perceive health, illness and death, as well as our beliefs about what causes disease. It can affect how we experience illness and pain, where and how we choose to seek help, and the types of treatments we are willing to undergo. Cultural respect within and among our community is imperative. Respecting each other’s beliefs, values and customs benefits all of us, and supports positive health outcomes.


  • Bias Incident Reporting
  • Craft Center: Seeking a creative outlet of expression and an enriched experiential learning experience? Come to the Craft Center, where students and other members of the University community can foster their own creativity.
  • Cultural Events
  • Cultural Resource Centers: Dedicated to fostering an inclusive community at OSU that is committed to social justice and liberation for all people, regardless of racial/ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, age, and/or physical abilities.
    • Asian & Pacific Cultural Center: Celebrating the cultures of Asian and Pacific Island nations, the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center provides a meditation room, engagement opportunities, and space for students to mingle and experience community.
    • Centro Cultural César Chávez: Celebrating Chicano/Latino/Hispanic cultures, Centro Cultural César Chávez has an event space, areas for students to study, and a comfortable learning atmosphere.
    • Ettihad Cultural Center: Representing ethnicities across central and southwestern Asia and northern Africa, the Ettihad Cultural Center works to provide a place for students to learn more about these cultures while also providing a relaxing area to mingle and study.
    • Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center: The Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center celebrates African and African-American culture in our community and beyond while also providing study areas, academic support, and cultural engagement opportunities.
    • Native American Longhouse Eena Haws: The Native American Longhouse Eena Haws, featuring a meditation room and symbolic totem pole, is a hospitable environment and a source of support honoring the cultures of the first people of this land.
    • Pride Center: The Pride Center seeks to create and provide a safe, non-judgmental and supportive community for students of all sexual orientations and gender identifications to participate.
    • Women's Center: The Women's Center works to empower women and educate the campus community about women's issues, resources, and opportunities both locally and globally.
  • Diversity & Cultural Engagement: Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) brings students together for out-of-classroom experiences that build bridges to community and support your ability to change the world. Through our programming and cultural resource centers, DCE enriches personal growth and development while fostering belonging.
  • International Moms Group: IMG provides opportunities for international mothers to learn and discuss parenting topics, maternal-child health issues, early childhood development, healthy relationships, cultures and customs, as well as practice English, build community, and support each other.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration: Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration events — including the Annual Peace Breakfast — provide opportunities to reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. King in celebration and service.
  • Meditation Room: 322 Student Experience Center - This space is inclusive for people of all religious and cultural backgrounds. The meditation room provides a quiet, intentional space for individuals to connect with their spirituality while on campus. No shoes, electronics or food/drink is allowed into the space — cubbies outside are provided to store footwear.
  • Men's Development & Engagement: Men's Development & Engagement organizes the annual Healthy Masculinities Conference. The initiative provides opportunities to discuss gender, explore topics of masculinity in our community and engage in a process of positive gender identity development with hope of creating a safer environment for all.
  • Military and Veteran’s Resources: The Dean of Student Life is committed to helping student veterans successfully navigate the Oregon State University structure while accomplishing their education goals and maximizing their VA educational benefits.
  • Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Office of Institutional Diversity: Leads and implements, institutional change actions and initiatives to advance diversity, equity and inclusion throughout all facets of Oregon State University.
  • Social Justice Workshops: The Social Justice Education Initiative for faculty and staff at Oregon State University is an invitation to begin or continue, your social justice and equity journey.
  • Travel Clinic: Faculty and staff who will be traveling abroad for research or teaching are encouraged to visit the travel clinic. Visitors receive information about immunization requirements in the parts of the world to which they will travel, disease prevention, handling of medications, dealing with emergencies and obtaining medical assistance abroad.
  • Visa and Immigration Information: An online resource for international students regarding the rules and regulations related to immigration status.